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Visit Thailand – the Land of White Elephants

hot Asian women

Ever been dating a Thai girl in America?  You wish for more of them? Book your flight to Thailand itself. Sweet Thai girls are an extra attraction to the visit to Thailand. They are cute, friendly and hot too. Do you need more?  Lush green scenarios, pristine beaches, tasty food and a whole sin city to hang out.  You also might try to find your Asian girlfriend. Anyone might wonder why Thailand. … Continue Reading

Dating Tips To Win That Hot Asian Girl

Who would not fall madly in love with Asian girls at first sight? Their quiet disposition, their charming smile, their adorable shyness and so on are some of the qualities that make them stand out among girls of other nationalities. However, not everyone who has tried dating Asian women succeeded. This is not because they are not handsome but because they lack the basic knowledge of how to appeal to … Continue Reading

Top 5 Most Beautiful Angels In White On

2015 National Doctor’s Day is coming soon. In the United States, it’s held and celebrated on March 30th to honor the contribution and services of physicians to the nation. On this day, a lot of perks and benefits are offered to doctors, such as gifts, pampering them with spa treatments. If you are still looking for someone dating, a female doctor on iDateAsia would be perfect for you. Here are … Continue Reading

Get To Know Vietnamese New Year

Celebrate Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán in Vietnamese) is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture which celebrates the arrival of spring, which is why it is often called the Spring Festival (Hội xuân). The date the festival falls on, like most Vietnamese festivals, is based on the Vietnamese variation of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is usually in January or February. And Vietnamese New Year is observed on February 19, … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day 2015 Special: Find Out If Her Wish Is About You

Find Valentine from Thai lady or Vietnam girl

As Valentine’s Day 2015 is approaching, launches a Campaign “By My Valentine”. Welcome to join us and make the special day 2.14 special, romantic and sweet both for yourself and your nice Thai lady or Vietnam girl. In the page, beautiful ladies share their wishes for this coming romantic day and male members are able to read them. If you are lucky, you could find the one with the … Continue Reading

Discover Most Popular Festivals In Vietnam

Celebrate Tet-Vietnamese-Holiday with beautiufl Vietnames women

Vietnam is a country with long and rich cultures. There is a wide range of colourful festivals and events, which vary from different ethnic groups, with the aim of expressing respect to the country’s builders and heroes as well as commemorating remarkable events. Get some knowledge about the most popular festivals in Vietnam and don’t forget to celebrate them with your nice Vietnamese ladies. You can also share your thoughts … Continue Reading

Still Searching For That Someone? Try iDateAsia Zodiac Matchmaker Today!

If you have tried some Asian dating sites, you will certainly know that there are numerous single Asian women just like you looking for someone. How to find your potential match among the majority of single Asian women on iDateAsia? Why scratch about her weight, height, hair color, or something else? Why not take a chance and try to connect with the special Asian lady based on the science of … Continue Reading

Top 5 Vietnam Ladies With Most Beautiful Smile

meet Vietnamese ladies

You may have seen a lot of lists about top 5 actors, top 5 Asian ladies….. Want to know the top 5 Vietnam ladies with most beautiful smile on Here are the list. Read on and find the favorite Vietnamese lady in your heart.

Meet your Sunshine a hot Vietnam lady

Sunshine, a beautiful Vietnam woman

  Do you believe Love at first sight? Get to know this beautiful Vietnam girl My English name is Sunshine, if I walk in your world, I hope I am a ray of sunshine for you, warm your body and heart. I think I was born to love, if I find special you, I will spoil you with all of my love. Do you like a beautiful elegant girl in … Continue Reading

Take Your Lady Anywhere Anytime With iDateAsia Mobile App

Download premium Asian dating app iDateAsia

Online dating has never been so easy. Download our app and take it with you. Make the most of your smartphone, go mobile today and stay in touch with your Vietnam women and Thai girls anytime, anywhere.     Get brand new LatamDate Mobile App and always stay connected!       Search to filter wisely and find your matches instantly.       Take a peek at her profile and introduction … Continue Reading