Top 10 ways to spot a lady boy in Thailand

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Stunning lady-boys in Thailand, Wonder he knows!

So you are planning for a trip to Thailand? But you don’t want to be fooled by a lady-boy like many of your friends. However, if you party around Phuket, Patong strip or lounge around the Walking Street of Pattaya, you will certainly encounter many of them. So before you jet off to Thailand, here are few tips to spot, and politely avoid the lady-boys.

1.Watch ‘her’ dancing– A lady-boy cannot dance much like the ladies, at least the Thai girls, because they still carry the male genes.

2.Girls definitely love playing with their hair, but lady-boys have a tendency of fidgeting differently, which clearly shows their lack of self confidence, and not the kind fiddling girls do!

3.Big Feet– Thai girls are known for their cute tiny structure, definitely smaller feet and hands, so if you find a pretty chic sporting ‘size 10 high heels’ you need to make sure there isn’t anything else at large!

4.Broad shoulders and Adam’s Apples– Broad shoulders are one big sign that she is the lady-boy you want to avoid. There is another key way to spot the difference. If she has not gone for the bone shaving surgery, then see if the pretty lady has an Adam’s apple or not? Thai girls most significantly do not have one!

5.If she appears too beautiful– taller and really beautiful, she can most likely be a bloke. Why?  Simply because she is too beautiful to be at the strip club and not work as a model. Lady boys go to the extent of different surgeries from eye, lip job, breast implantation.

6.Too beautiful? Thai girls are mostly too cute and do not prefer applying a lot of makeup, so if you see a foundation caked one her face, she is a lady boy, who will divert your attention with the shaped facial features and perfect makeup.

7.Their masculinity– Most of these cross-dressers or lady-boys going for the surgeries will still show some masculinity, not just their broad shoulder and feet, but slightly harder face or a harder body, perhaps little bit athletic. Thai girls are mostly very feminine, on contrary if you compare.

8.If she insists you or your friend to ‘do things’ in the dark, it could be big sign. It is true girls there are shy, but during business.

9.Their Company– While you stroll around the Bangla Street or chilling at the strip club anywhere else in Thailand, you will see lady-boys moving around in a gang not all of them are equally gorgeous. So if you see one of the girls too drop dead gorgeous, there are high chances of her been one among them.

10.Be polite and check her identity card– Of course, you are not going to ask about her gender, but with a smart argument over her age maybe! For instance, ask about her age and pretend not to believe it. ID in Thailand always keeps the original sex proof that one has by birth.

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